Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I want this for my bedroom NOW please...

Last night I caught up on some taped frivolity I recorded while I was away (hey - can't miss highbrow unmissable shows like "The real housewives of Beverley Hills" or "Dance Moms" now can I?!). But I also watched last weeks episode of Selling Houses Australia; one of my absolute faves... and my heart did a little leap when I saw this:

I need to make one for my bedroom. Like, right this very second if not sooner. I did some research on the program and apparently the assistant whipped it up from an 'old craft magazine' - but WHICH ONE AND WHERE CAN I GET MY HANDS ON IT, DAMMIT!

It kinda looks like paper cones all threaded together somehow. But it's the 'somehow' that's got me stumped. I'm not giving up though folks, that sculpture will be mine. Oh yes it will! 

What have you uncovered this week thus far that has made your heart skip a beat?


  1. Very cute! Reminds me of those juju hats :)

  2. I think you could make it by making paper cones and sticking them into something - maybe that florist stuff (oasis?). Or by hot glue gunning them to something.

  3. Yes very cool!!!! Iv made the tissue paper ones but they don't look half as good as that one!! Good luck with ur mission !!

  4. Love Selling Houses Australia!

    Its a little like this:
    There is a tutorial link in the blog post :-)

  5. Oh i saw it on Sunday at my mum and dad's house and thought 'oh that looks like a juju hat' and then realised it was paper and looks like an easy diy. I think I'd get foam core board, and just staple the cones onto it!

  6. Oh it looks divine, like a giant piece of coral on the wall. Love it! Please do show us pics if you do end up making one xo


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