Monday, March 5, 2012


When you are a child, there is little you want more in this world than the approval of your parents. Mum or dad telling you that they are proud of you... there is nothing quite like it. Even in adulthood, you still seek the approval of your parents a little, don't you? I know I do...

Now I'm a parent, I'm mindful of telling my daughter who is now 3 that I am proud of her. A whole day at preschool without wet undies, I'm proud of her. Her entire plateful of dinner eaten up (this one is a rare occurrence), I'm proud of her. Of course, I'm proud of her anyway. She's my only daughter, and I love her. But it's easy to get caught up in the monotony of the day-to-day, and I'm sure there are days when I should be a little more forthcoming in my praise for my daughter; days when I lose my patience and yell at the kids before 9am! Im no perfect mother, thats for sure... but I love them and Im proud of them, forever.

And maybe I do tell my daughter Im proud of her. Because today, my daughter told me she was proud of ME, for the very first time. It was an amazing moment.

What did I do to receive such a compliment from my little daughter? I myself am proud of some of my recent achievements: my growing business, my magazine appearance, my ability to sleep in a king-single with my daughter for two weeks straight because Elliott kicked me out of my own bed...

But no, my daughter proclaimed her pride in her mother for calling 'SPOTTO' at the lights yesterday. I generally forget to play the game, but my daughter does not. After I made the call, Fern said with an air of incredulousness "yeah, it is Spotto, mum! Well done, Im proud of you!!" Not familiar with the rules of 'spotto'? Look here.

Spotto, indeed. But no matter. My daughter is proud of me. And that, folks, made my weekend.

What made yours??


  1. Ha ha!
    Too cute!
    I love when Magoo takes an encouraging (but condescending) tone with me!
    :-) x

  2. That is just beautiful Nicole. I'm a big one for pride in my boys too. Often telling them how proud I am of the little things they do. My Mr4 has told me he is proud of me also and it feels so nice... just as it does when he says he likes the outfit I'm wearing or my hair done a certain way. Makes you feel good to see your little ones understanding what you've taught them.
    And well done to you on all of those 'other' wonderful achievements also, I'm sure Fern is very proud of them too! xo

  3. That is adorable! It obviously reflects the positive way you speak to her and encourage her, what a lovely thing to hear said back to you. xx


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