Thursday, November 26, 2009

Love, Laughter and Strooooong Coffee

I saw this print on Etsy today and had a quiet chuckle... kinda sums up my madhouse perfectly! 

But what's going on with you this week? Please share...


  1. I soooo need that print! Very true in this household as well.

    I'm busy busy busy getting the house ready for Chrissy and have a sick little one year old at the moment. Not leaving me much time at all for blog reading or writing!

  2. oh no! Sick baby = sad household. Hope she gets better soon.
    Will you attempt a christmas tree with said one year old? Im desperate to get mine up with pressies under... but fear Fern's fascination with anything paper or glass might mean tragedy for both gifts and baubles. Perhaps a tree wall sticker wth virtual pressies might be more appropriate this year?!

  3. I was desparate to put the tree up this year as we haven't had one the last few years as we were in a unit then and there was no room plus my son was into everything.

    Have posted another comment in your christmas post with a link to what I did. So far both have been pretty good. Thankfully the tree is in our front room which we don't really go into a lot so successful so far though I deliberately didn't put a heap of decorations just in case in all went pear shaped.

    I've even put pressies under the tree that are still in tact!

    V. xo

    PS. Thankfully Z wasn't sick in the end, but I think it's teeth!


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