Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree!

I cannot believe it is December already! This year has flown by, and it seems only yesterday I was 9 months pregnant and the size of a house, shuffling miserably on bulbous feet, moaning to anyone who'd listen about how much harder my pregnancy was to anyone else in the history of the universe... ha! Fast forward 12 months, and the realisation I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT HARD WAS!

All I want for Christmas are eyes in the back of my head; my daughter is suddenly putting new meaning to the word 'mobile' and such is the trail of destruction that follows in her crawling wake, I shudder to think what my life will be like when she can walk.

We put the Christmas tree up today! It took me 3 hours -- 10 mins of which went into tree construction and over 2 hours rearranging the room in a vain attempt to deter Fern from climbing the tree/ eating the decorations/ tearing open the pressies. After a complete room reshuffle, I realised it was a fruitless endeavor and sadly packed away my most precious decorations and glass baubles for another year. Here's what it ended up like:

The colour scheme is mostly pink and silver, with a tiny splash of turquoise. I was going to hang Christmas lights, but they seem to have died since last Christmas and perhaps it is just as well; I am dubious as to how an 11-month-old and a sring of lights might mix? My favourite decoration this year is this little handmade Santa, purchased in Austria from a gorgeous Christmas store that enticed me in, despite the fact that it was June and I had to carry it (along with some handblown glass decorations) around in my backpack all over Europe. Little Santa didn't make the cut last year, but it seems very appropriate this year, don't you think?

My angel was handmade and posted to me with a Christmas card by my friend Katie last year; this year she adorns the top of my tree!

Fern's very sweet (and huge! What am I going to put in it?!) Xmas stocking was sewn for her by my mother in law:

I also hung my minimalist Christmas wreath on the front door, purchased from Mozi a couple of years back:

Now, what am I going to do with the wrapped pressies?

Have you put up your tree or decorated for Christmas yet? I'd love to see your pics, please feel free to attach a link in the comments section!

Merry Christmas!


  1. Thanks Nic, so cool to see my angel in use! I had nearly forgotten I made those, well I forgot to make myself one in the end!
    Great to see your tree up, was waiting for some christmas inspiration. Can't wait to see what you get up to cooking!
    (I have just made lemon shortbread biscuits glued together with lemon icing mmmmm.
    And next I think I'll embark on some turkish delight - wanting to make it in pale pink and pale green)
    I am FINALLY over morning sickness and can eat again, so the sky's the limit with the amount and variety of food I want to get my hands on right now after starving the last few months away on bland crackers!!

  2. lovely! mine goes up on sunday and we're going red, white and kraft paper this year! me and red: an off combo, but so far i love it (made an advent calendar so am getting used to the dashes of red).
    just wanted to let you know i posted some links to party inspiration - finally answered your question! you can find the post here: http://thehappyhomeblog.com/?p=1155 xx

  3. Looks great and love the wreath and the stocking!!

    Here are my decorations:


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