Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An imystery...

As I was downloading pics and movies from my iphone yesterday, I discovered something more than a little bizarre:

And to be perfectly honest, I have absolutely no clue how these images got onto my phone OR who the UFO (unidentified foreign objects) got there in the pictures!! I am not aware of any special software on my phone that would add such an embellishment to my images?! Perhaps it was my husband, but I didn't even know he could turn my phone on let along manipulate images in this way?? Its an imystery to me...

On an inote, however, I do find it mildly amusing that my not-quite-three year old can turn both the iphone and the ipad on without assistance, scroll across until she finds the app she is searching for and use it like she's been doing it all her life. The ipad in particular is her fave, she has asked for one for xmas (not happening) and is addicted to the talking books and the Tinkerbell app in particular. Have you seen that one? It has a talking Tinkerbell that repeats what you say and is where Fern discovered her first joke. Randomly, my daughter asked, 

"mum? What did the bumble bee say to the flower?"

I said, "I don't know Fern. What did the bumblebee say to the flower?"

"Hello honey!" my daughter cackled.

And just like that, my two year old told her first joke.

Yes, my daughter wants her own ipad. And to think I didnt even own my first mobile phone until I was 22!

Are your kids isavvy? What are your favy apps? Have you ever discovered something totally random on your phone -- do share!!



  1. Hahaha...Too bizarre though that they just popped up like that?

    Yes, my little Jacq is pretty tech savvy for a 3 year old, can use the iphone no probs when it comes to watching videos and scrolling through the camera roll..he loves it.
    He is now hooked on the ABC website where there are interactive games and activities for he is becoming quite efficient in using mummys Mac and scrolling the curser to the icon he wants and clicking it...he loves playing the Thomas flip card game and painting the engines.
    Its pretty should check it out for little Fern.

    A x

  2. hahaha hilarious! and yep, my kids know more about my phone than I do.

  3. Hehe. Do you have 'Doodle buddy'?

    It looks like something my son has create in that app. :D

  4. That is pretty cool Nicole... the imystery and the ichildren! WOW! Your little Fern is a clever cookie. I doubt my almost 4 year old would be able to do that... though he hasn't had any exposure to my macbook or any other technology without my supervision, so I wouldn't write him off.
    Cute pics, the little images are so sweet! :o)

  5. Hee hee.
    Having come from a Mac PD today - this cracks me up.
    Magoo mastered the iPad quicker than me.
    Today, their selling point was how their designs complement and mimic natural movements and thought patterns.
    Maybe this is why our babes are so iFriendly?
    Love those pics.

  6. Fern called me to tell me that joke...not that I could understand a word she was saying...

  7. How cute - her first laffs!!

    I think those photos are kinda sweet, but weird that they just came out like that. You're right, it's an imystery!! x

  8. Too beautiful, so nice to catch up again my friend love those photos. Sending you and your lovely family special wishes for a very Merry Christmas Day and look forward to keeping in touch in 2012.

    Always Wendy


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