Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Rocky Road...

Every year around Christmas, I like to have a go at cooking something I've never tried before. Nothing savoury, of course... just the sweet stuff. Leave the turkeys to someone else, I say!
Reindeer Cupcakes. Christmas Pud...

... and this year?


I love rocky road, and was inspired to make some when my husband suggested I whip-up a cheesecake to feed the troops at his staff Christmas party on Saturday night. A cheesecake? Was he kidding me? With two children under three, consecutive rainy days, 87 loads of washing everywhere and 4700 Christmas orders to make, walking on the moon seemed more appropriate than making a cheesecake.

Rocky Road, on the other hand? Can-do! It's super duper easy peasy, and the best thing is you really can't go wrong. Aside from the melting chocolate part - and if you are careful and take a sloooooooow approach to that, not a problem!

My Christmas Rocky Road consisted of all the fun stuff I deny myself otherwise, was about a billion calories per square and was.quite.fabulous. I've eaten my own bodyweight already, and still want more. 

Want to have a go yourself? 

Here's my own recipe:

500g of cooking chocolate (choose the most premium one you can find - I used one milk and one dark just for fun)
3/4 packet of marshmallows (chop these)
A large packet of Smarties 
275g of Fry's turkish delight (chop this up too)
3/4 packet of unsalted peanuts
... and anything else you have lying around that you think might be fun!

Melt the chocolate and then combine in a bowl with all the other ingredients.
Line a baking tray with some baking paper and scoop it all in.
Stick the tray in the fridge for about half an hour to set.
Get tray out and cut up into delicious morsels or bars (if you intend to gift wrap and give away as pressies).

Make a cup of tea and help yourself to a piece (or seven) of your chocolately goodness. Worry about the calories later. It's Christmas, folks! Enjoy.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!

    Hi by the way :) I'm Cherie, I recently ordered your stunning Christmas bow tie & nappy pants for my little Max.


    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou xx

  2. Christmas isn't Christmas without some homemade rocky road! I sneakily add some crumbled violet crumble to the mix and it ROCKS!

    Merry merries to you! I love that you try something new every year. Makes it even more special. x

  3. Mmmmmmmmmy favourite.
    I feel a batch coming on!

  4. Big BIG fan of rocky road... HUGE! This is my trademark sweet of the festive season. I make it every year and inflict it upon all my family and friends, hehe, in other words they have no choice in the matter ;o)
    Loving this original take on rocky road though, there are so many wonderful varieties, I might just try this one myself xo

  5. oh Y U M I am definitely going to give it a try......!


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