Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ever wondered What Would Happen if You Ate Crayons?

Have you ever watched an episode of Myth Busters? I felt like my very own episode this afternoon...

When I was a kid, I ate my share of grossness. Cat biscuits. Raw sausage. Random weeds from the garden. That sort of thing.

So I wasn't too surprised when Fern decided that her first box of crayons held far more potential as a snack than as a drawing implement. It happened before I could stop her, and when she smiled, red and yellow wax was wedged between her teeth.

Anyway, I discovered categorically that --

-- if one eats a fair proportion of a box of crayons... yes, it will materialise out the other end. And yes, the same colour as it went in.

Ahhhhhh, motherhood.



  1. Haha, good post!

    Abigail has definately had a few bites of her crayons, but always spat the chunks out.

    I was a child who loved to eat things... like pot soil... and snails... and sand... Ahahaha


  2. Oh that is soooooooooooooo funny! You crack me up!
    Will took a bite of the soap in the bath this week. He didn't seem to mind the taste and just laughed. I tried to wash his mouth out then (no joke) he started blowing soapy bubbles out of his mouth.

  3. Oh how funny!! I can just picture Fern with her coloured teeth :) I can totally relate - Grace seems to put everything in her mouth these days before I can stop her.

  4. ha ha ha - as soon as I turn my back Miss E sticks a crayon in her mouth. We've had a few multi-coloured nappies as well!


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