Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fabrics to 'Dwell' Over...

Is it me, or are the pickings a little slim in the nursery linen department? In Australia, I mean. Because when I trawl the web for gorgeous, modern nursery linen I find a whole bunch of stuff avail overseas.... and little here in Oz that (a) doesn't have Winnie the Poo motifs or (b) isn't over $300 per sheet-set!

The only company I've found that has exactly what I'm after and distributes here in Oz is Dwell Studio:

... gorgeous. But the pricetag on each of these sets is A$290 (ouchy) and that doesn't even include the crib skirt or bumper! I know I know, bumpers are frowned upon here in Oz, but they are so darned beautiful! And even without the bumper, these sets are just miles ahead of anything else I've seen in the stores. And, what tortures me is that in the US, there is a 'Dwell Studio for Target' range where designed a line of gorgeous and affordable nursery linen:

But have you ever seen anything like this at OUR Target?? I certainly havn't!

I've fruitlessly searched every baby store around me for some inspiration and come up with nought. So, I've decided I'm going to take matters into my own hands and make my own nursery linen (or some of it, anyway!) I've found a pattern for a gorgeous crib skirt:

... but because mine needs to be gender neutral, I'm thinking this sort of vibe:
... in this fabric:
... and making just the skirt, plus a matching pillow cover. I could team it with plain white sheets and maybe this blankie?

Guys, I'd really like your thoughts and/ or ideas on this. Have you found anywhere in Oz to buy gorgeous nursery linen that doesn't cost the earth? Do you think I've completely lost the plot thinking I can actually make the linen myself? What should I do??

ps. I loved your comments re the stuff you bought that you loved/ hated for your first child. It gave me a good ole laugh! And reminded me of a few goodies I left off my own list!! x


  1. I agree - there's so not anything stylish in that area over here. That first set of linen by Dwell Studio is in my 'love it' folder - didn't realise it was so pricey!!! I think you should DEFINITELY give making the linen a go yourself. I say definitely go with plain linen and just add some 'stylishness' through things like skirting, pillows etc. I love that fabric you've chosen and that blanket is gorgeous!!! Hope your weekend has been a great one :)

    P.S Re: slow cookers, trust me, even my non-domesticated hubby could use it :) The curry I made the other night I literally just threw in diced chicken, carrots, potatoes (raw) and added an Indian Passage flavour base and coconut cream - hours later it was ready - easy peasy!! x

  2. Definitely think you should make your own. They're really basic styles and I think it's just the fabric that makes it so gorgeous looking. I think your fabric choice will give it just the right look. Can't wait to see the nursery - finished! Enjoy!

  3. Here's that exact same fabric for $8.95 per yard from the US. Even with the postage, I think it'll be cheaper than funky fabrix.

  4. I agree with you that there's nothing at all. I have been thinking about making my own too and I DON'T sew at all. The bebito has that blanket and it's gorgeous although I must admit a little small for the cot in that it doesn't tuck under the mattress. It is gorgeous though. I blogged about it ages ago too

    I actually think I'd like to teach myself to sew so I could start this as a business.

    I did find this one which is marginally cheaper than others like Dwell which I love too.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


  5. I agree about there not being much out there. I ended up just buying plain white/neutral sheets mostly and adding accessories to jazz things up.

    Dwell sets are still on my wish list, but just can't justify the cost yet.

    Check out here too (Aust handmade)


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