Monday, June 7, 2010

Love This...

Is there anything not to love about this gorgeous hanging lantern display? sigh.

Maybe I could semi-replicate in my 'neutral' green/ turquoise/ yellow nursery theme... but if I have a girl I just know I'll want to make it gorgeous and girly like the display below.


from here


  1. OH! I made these for mothers day - check out my post - they looked great! You should definately do it!

    sal x

  2. Oh I love it!! Maybe you could do it in little Ferns room if you have a boy.

  3. Well, I've made pom poms before, (though mine didn't quite look as perfect as the ones pictured above!) but it is more the way these ones are arranged so beautifully and layered with the other types of lanterns that I'm inspired by here. Even reading the instructions I'm not entirely sure I follow!
    You are right Michelle -- I could do this for Fern's room. In fact, she's inheriting a daybed from her nan and a display like this one would be so gorgeous! Can't believe I didn't even consider poor Fern!!!
    Sal, your pom poms are gorgeous, can you make mine for me, mine were all torn and uneven!

  4. These look LOVELY!! You should definitely give something similar a go - such a great display :)


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