Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's Raining it's Pouring... the Preggers Woman is Snoring!

It's almost boring how textbook my pregnancy has gone so far... to be honest, I'm hard pressed to find anything to bitch complain about! This last weekend marked my arrival into the final trimester, and if the next 12 weeks are like the first 28, I'm pretty much home and hosed!


On Saturday morning, I woke up after a blissful night of sleep and turned to my husband. He was blinking groggily into the sunlight, moaning that it couldn't possibly be morning already. He'd had the most dreadful night of sleep, he said. He'd slept most of the night on the couch. Freezing cold, because he couldn't find any blankets (um, did you try the linen cupboard?!).

But why, I asked?

Because.... his otherwise perfect wife had been apparently been snoring. All night, apparently. So noisily that I had forced him from the warm doona onto the cold lounge. He sounded put out.

hmmmppph. I don't snore, as a rule. The last time I snored with regularity - so noisily in fact, that it woke MYSELF up... was when heavily pregnant with Fern.

So, my loving response to Dan? Suck it up!

There's only another 12 weeks to go... until then, I'm going to snore and shift noisily from side to side and steal every corner of the doona and get up to use the loo 20 times as my God given pregnancy rite-of-passage!

Here's me, @ 28 weeks. With a slightly dodgy expression on my face. Um, I'm going for a 'minimalist' bump, this time:

What joyful, unexpected, and in any other circumstance, unsociable - trait did/ do you embrace whilst pregnant?


  1. That's funny, I also snored when pregnant & pee'd about 20 times a night (but had backpain and reflux too which wasn't fun). You look very slim & trim for 28 weeks Nicole, well done. I'm glad you've had a smooth run, I hope my second time round is easier too. Jxx

  2. I agree my dear, you look so great and definitely do not look 28 weeks!

    And yes, suck it up hubby :P

    S x

  3. I have never been pregnant, but am also married to a Dan who likes to sulk should his sleeping patterns be disrupted. Poor, delicate little flower that he is. Meanwhile, he snores CONSTANTLY. Double standards are so unfair.

  4. I too embraced the snoring when I was pregnant with Miss Annie- so much so that Dear Husband moved into the guest bed- he needed his sleep, poor darling! So I was quite pleased to be able to stretch out, taking up our whole queen sized bed.

    You are looking amazing by the way!

    Katie at

  5. I too was a very bad snorer when in the third trimester. I also found the belly a bit too heavy to carry on it's own, especially when walking to work (? - what was I thinking) so for some reason thought it easier to hold the weight up with my hands. Yep, I'm a weirdo! :) I felt like saying to everyone I walked past, "Lookout, weirdo preggers woman coming through."

    You definitely do not look 28 weeks and I too think you look spectacularly gorgeous!


  6. Nicole, you look GORGEOUS pregnant!! Love your fringe by the way too :) You don't look 28 weeks at all. I too snored during pregnancy - seems like it's a common occurance from the comments above so tell poor hubby he'll have to suffer a bit longer :)


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