Friday, June 4, 2010

Rainy Day Activity... Build a 'House!'

Since its been raining for - oh - for about 20 years here on the Central Coast (and the rest of NSW, I presume) I've found myself a little light-on for imaginative indoor children's activities. Foxtel is getting a workout, let me tell ya!

But last night, Dan came home and 'built' a whammy!
Yes folks, it's the world's easiest cubby!

You too can make your own!

- One big box (visit a department or furniture store, they've got tons!)
- A sharp knife
- A bit of imagination
See? Anyone can do it! And the best bit? It doesn't cost a cent. You could go crazy with crayons or paint and get the kids to decorate it, or leave it 'organic' like ours. Hell, it'll end up in the recycling bin shortly anyway! Until then, hours of fun!!

Here's Fern exploring her new cubby; knowing my nestiness I'll probably have curtains sewn up by sunset!
Don't you wish you were small enough to crawl in too? Have a great weekend... xN


  1. Hahahahaha...super love boxes...jacq amuses himself more with the simple stuff lying around the house then his own toys sometimes..I love it!

  2. Best cubby box ever!

    The rain is ridiculous isn't it... On the way to the park yesterday, it started pouring so we turned around and went home :(

  3. Super cute! Will have to remember this for when Grace gets a bit bigger :)

  4. Love the photos! (as always) When do we see some of Dan in his cardboard creation? Or the whole family (dog & cat too) for that matter? Thanks for recipes. My chicken & riccota puffs were a tad ordinary tonight. Think I need a bit of practice wrapping & baking puff pastry. Can't wait to see what Dan & Fern do with 2,3 or 10 boxes!


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