Monday, November 8, 2010

Elliott's Nursery - The Not-So-Blank Wall!

You might recall my little e-tour of Elliott's nursery a while back... back when 'he' was still an 'it' and I was decorating without knowing quite who I was decorating for! Well, Elliott has well and truly arrived and assimilated happily into his new room, but I've had a little guilt for having not had the time to touch it since he came home! It isn't that it looked awful, but I wanted to put a little 'Elliott' stamp on it for him!

What you didn't see in my original tour of the nursery is this wall:

I ran out of time (and energy) before the baby was born, but seeing as my feeding chair sits directly opposite this side of the room I've been staring at this blank canvas for weeks, depressed at such a sorry spectacle! Over the weekend, I decided to take action!

Tying in with my existing stripey wall, I decided to paint just one feature stripe on the wall in the same colour. That took about 45 minutes. Right, I figure I have about 45 remaining minutes before both kids are up from their naps and screeching for my attention... So, how to decorate? I don't have time to go shopping, so I have to be creative with what I already have about the house.

I remembered some 'train' wall stickers I'd bought previously from the Reject Shop (I'm such a cheapo store connoisseur now!) for a bargain $5 and stuck one of those down:

I like! But it doesn't seem enough... I then grab some frames I've got lying about and whack Elliott's birth announcement in one until I have time to buy a print off Etsy. I find another one I made previously using Dulux paint swatches and add that too. Then, I find another frame and, without any art to place inside it I remove the glass and blutac some magnetic letters inside:

It didn't look symmetric, so I added a little card with some pegs... and here is my finished product! I plan to change my 'mobile art' around as the fancy strikes me (which knowing me, may well be weekly) and am already planning to add a little square canvas covered in patterned paper. But I much prefer this than my blank wall!

Have a great week!


  1. i love what you did with the room, the stripes look gorgeous and that train sticker is so cute..i find the best bargains at the reject shop sometimes too:) xx

  2. wow.... I love the arrangement of your frames... really inspiring :)

  3. What a super cool room .... Wish you lived at my house and could come and do mine!!

  4. Don't you dare touch it - it looks perfect!! :) LOVE the single stripe of colour which ties in so well with the striped wall and your arrangement of frames and different things inside each looks fantastic Nicole!! You have a great eye for displaying things x

  5. It looks gorgeous!! well done :)

  6. It looks amazing, Nicole, I love the stripes :)

    The train is so cute - what a bargain!

  7. I am loving that change pad cover, where did you get it? I am so sick of just finding pastel colours. I have about 13 weeks until my boy is due & if I see something pastel again I think I will scream!!

  8. FABULOUS. It looks really great! Lucky little fella. x

  9. Wow, I love the decors! And that train sticker looks fancy! I am yet to decorate my girl's room so thanks for the inspiration.


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