Thursday, January 13, 2011

Elliott's New Threads

Hi there, just popping in really quickly to show you a little nappy cover/ singlet set I whipped up for Elliott this week. He looks so cute; I made the pants sort of puffy out of fighter-jet printed cotton fabric and I love seeing Elliott in his matching chesty-Bonds!

In truth, I love seeing babies dressed as babies... I reckon there will be time enough for jeans and shirts and shoes throughout their life, why not enjoy onesies and little knicker sets now while they can!

Here's a peek at Elliott's new threads:

I'm totally biased of course, but I want to eat little Elli up in this outfit!

What say you? Do you like to keep your babies dressed as babies until you can no longer get away with it... or did your newborn sport wee Adidas shoes and a button-down shirt and jeans from the moment he popped out? Do share!!

Have a lovely weekend...


  1. Oh, you are too clever. And I agree with you wholeheartedly about dressing babies as babies. Seriously, they'll be in mini-us clothes soon enough... keep sewing. You have talent! xx

  2. -I dressed Byron in jeans and such as a baby/. Second time around I've kept Harper dressed in baby clothes. He's 14 months and still hasnt worn a pair of jeans.
    I love seeing him in baby clothes!

    I love the nappy cover! I keep meaning to make some..

  3. I refuse to put mine in Jeans, He wears leggings and they are so much easier for him to run around in. :)

  4. Cute outfit and I totally agree, I like babies to be dressed as babies for as long as possible.

  5. Sooo scrumptious! I would nibble on those chubby little legs :)

    Izzy is 2 and a half and I still cant bear to see her in Jeans (we have tried a few on but it seems wrong)... Kids need freedom to move. Its leggings and skirts all the way!


  6. oh how gorgeous ive just started making singlets like this one hehe im yet to attempt the nappy cover but how cute you did an amazing job and yes keep babies as babies for sure xx

  7. Nicnax, there is SO a gap in the market for funky but lovely boys clothes. Loads of beautiful little girl stuff but all the boys stuff seems to be OTT or boring. We'll be in Sydney towards the end of Feb, most likely unemployed so perhaps I can help with your exciting business adventure! When are you opening your Etsy shop?


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