Monday, February 14, 2011

Cherry Trees and Skateboards!

Hello there,

Hope you had a lovely weekend! Me? Well, unexpectedly over the last couple of days, my husband developed a lump on his elbow that turned into an angry welt that turned into a bizarrely rare bacterial infection and he ended up in hospital! We now have a nurse visiting us at home twice a day to give him an intravenous something-or-other and the whole thing is v perplexing indeed!

That aside, things are going well as I continue to build up my little shop (this sewing malarkey takes time!) though my poor blog may gather a little dust for a couple of weeks... but don't worry. I'm a clean freak and I won't allow the dust to settle! Ironically, I have so much to write about at the mo; no writers block, just so little time!

Before hubby became my 'third child' over the weekend ;) I did manage to get in a bit of sewing, in particular a new little 'peasant shirt' design I've been playing with. Perfect for both babies AND little girls, these tops are so versatile! This one, using a gorgeous 'Cherry Tree' material (in this season's hottest colour - pink - ) is designed to fit a baby aged 6m+ and would start off as a dress... becoming the perfect top as your baby grows older! Despite the fact that I designed this for a baby, I tried it on my 'model' Fern and she still fits this one, though it is a little on the short side! This top features pink and purple ribbon detailing with a white button on the top right corner.

My peasant tops are generously proportioned and super comfy for your baby and can be worn with pants... shorts... bloomers... jeans... and best of all look super cute when layered with long sleeves in the cooler months! And, at just $29 this one is a steal even if I say so myself!

Grab the peasant tunic top here. And beware -- ther'es only 1 available in this fabric!

I also made one of my signature bloomer/ singlet sets with this fabric (which I love, can you tell?) and which also features a little vintage lace... oh, how I wish Fern was still a baby so I could try it on her! This set will be loaded onto Etsy today...

And, groovy baby boys surely couldn't help but look super-cool in this little 'Sk8 boarders' set:

Like it? Get it here for just $25!

Back shortly... have a great day!


  1. well done - these are gorgeous.

  2. Loving the dress/top. Fingers crossed the next babe is a girl just for that dress! Looking good lady...have fun as well! xx

  3. Please stop making these - I am going to have no money for anything else!! :)

  4. Cute clothes and poor hubbie. Hope he is feeling better and I am now off to check out all of the cute stuff you have for sale!!

  5. Argk! I hope your man is okay. What a weird thing to happen. So random. x

  6. Oh wow I LOVE that smock! I really want to buy something to send to my best friend for her baby daughter. But I feel bad cause you prob want them left for 'real' customers, not your sister???

    Hope Dan is ok!


  7. I LOVE the dress! (if only Will was a girl!!!) hehehe... and those little shorts and singlet set are SO cute! You've got the perfect little models there at your disposal! I hope hubby is ok, that sounds a bit freaky! Happy Valentine's Day to you hun, Jxx


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