Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Launch of Bubby Makes Three KIDS THREADS!!!

Well folks, without further ado, here launcheth my very first range of babies and toddler threads... it's been a labour of love, I can tell you! There are wayward bits of cotton upon every surface, and we haven't seen the top of the kitchen table in weeks! But its been worth it; I'm very proud of my little designs and I hope you will like them, too!

My first range is for Spring/ Summer, with little bloomer and singlet sets, tee shirts, skirts and a wee little dress or two! The ethos of my designs is to present original, stylish and above all comfortable clothing for little ones. No snappers or zippers here, folks!

Sweet Baby Girl dress - US$25

Oh, and as a little add-on? What could be more gorgeous than a little matching taggie-toy to your little one's outfit?! Babies LOVE little ribbons and Elliott just adores his! And, at just $14 these are an absolute steal:

Tartan Taggie Toy - US$14

Rosie Taggie Toy - US $14

Bubby Makes Three designs are playful... with a touch of whimsy. They are designed to look gorgeous for special occasions, but be practical enough for everyday! And have I mentioned these designs look gorgeous in photographs? No? Well, see for yourself!

Paisley Nappy Cover and Singlet Set - US $25

Most of my designs are once-offs, and each has a little detail that makes it original from any other item in my store. That's why, if you like something you better grab it quick; ensuring your little one has their own little pice of bm3 baby couture! In fact, make it very quick -- the above piece is already sold before I even got to upload this post! Let me know if you love this one and I will try to get my hands on some more of that gorgeous fabric....

Tangerine Nappy Cover and Singlet Set - US $25

I promised you the boys wouldn't miss out! Here's a little taste of my bouncing-baby-boy-o range, with more to come soon:

Whale of a Time Nappy Cover & Singlet Set - US $25

Tartan Tee & Nappy Cover Set - US $29

Fighter Jet Nappy Cover & Singlet Set - US $25

And of course, your little toddler girl doesn't miss out, either:

Rosie Girls skirt & Singlet Set - US $25

Francesca Girls Skirt & Singlet Set - US $25

Think any of these items would be great as gifts? Not a problem! Just let me know and I'll gift wrap them for you. For no extra charge, natch! Just let me know at checkout...

There will of course be more to come. I'm like a sewing-cyclone at the mo! But I hope you love what I've got so far. And aren't my little models just gorgeous? You already know Fern and Elli of course, but that little sweetie modelling my babywear is the beautiful Sophie... she was just so cute and gave me some great shots to use on my listings!

I have lots more to tell you and show you over the coming weeks... think vintage linen baby shoes and pillowcase dresses... but I hope you like my brand new little clothing range I'm launching with; if so -- please, tell a friend!

View my shop by clicking here

Yayee! x Nic


  1. They are all gorgeous. Makes me want a little bubba (or a little girl!) to dress up. xx

  2. well done Nicole, i think it's fantasic that you've taken the initiative and come up with your own little business - that's the dream and you made it happen! Quick question: would you ship to the UK...? I have my eye on those little spaceship bloomer sets for Brody for this summer!
    My blog is woefully out of date, but will try my very hardest to update soon.
    Good luck! x

  3. Well done, well done, well done. 1 well done wasn't going to cut it. You've done such an awesome job and I really love the outfits. Those bloomers are the biz! x

  4. Nicole!!! You're so clever!!! Congratulations and well done. How on earth you have time to do all that with babies is a miracle in itself. I'm sure you'll be a roaring success xx

  5. Oh you clever thing!! So proud of you for getting your shop up and running - your designs are so lovely. I adore that photo of Fern with the brolly, think it's my favourite pic of her :)

  6. Oh My Goodness Nicole! These are all way too adorable for words...and heart just went flip big is he now..such a big boy! Beautiful fabrics and simple it! Think you better stay on that sewing cyclone because something tells me these are going to go quick smart proud of you lovely..well done! x

  7. Darling Super Mum Nicole... love your work... need I say more! Again, I have no doubt that your precious items will sell like hot cakes! Off to check out your Etsy store now :) x P.S Both your cherubs are A-dorable with a capital A!

  8. Congratulations, world's cutest models too!! Wishing you tonnes of success, love Posie

  9. Cute & creative & wonderful!!!! I know you'll be famous in no time! :)

  10. Congratulations!!! They are sooo very cute!

  11. These are all so gorgeous! I think you've done exactly what planned creating beautiful, stylish but kid-friendly clothes. Love them all!

  12. Oooh CONGRATS!! Everything looks so GORGEOUS!!! Great job!

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  14. OOPS! Can't spell. I meant to say CONGRATS Nicole. Love them all, but especially love the boy's clothes. Off to check out your store

  15. These are fantastic!!! Congratulations on your gorgeous range.....I will be passing your info to my friend who has a baby girl at the perfect age for your adorable designs. Your collection will be a hit. I had another thought recently, about when you asked for avenues for retail- have you thought about matilda's markets....I think they are on line as well as their market venues (they are all about original and hand made I believe..), they are a google away if you think it's a good idea.
    Keep sewing up a storm and have a wonderful weekend.xx

  16. Ah, you clever girl, Nicole! All gorgeous and I love your models ☺. I mentioned your Etsy shop in my last post so I hope it brings you some more customers. J x

  17. Wow!!! So, so beautiful! I will head over to your etsy store over the next few days and place an order for my two little girls. Well done for following your passion

    Leah x

  18. Wow, well done! Your etsy page looks awesome! I love the Francesca Set, it's such a "happy" outfit!


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