Sunday, April 17, 2011

Don't work with Animals or Children...

Folks, I have been madly working on some new designs for my little shop... including a little range of boys pieces including yoga pants, singlets and onesies!

 But it turns out the sewing is the easy part. My 7 month old recently-crawling-now-standing sonny boy simply will not.sit.still long enough to photograph him in my handiworks! Seriously, the boy won't even let me hold him over my shoulder to burp him anymore; soon as he finishes his milk he starts lurching away from me... no sleepy milky cuddles for me!

But I digress. Elliott looks uber cute in my new designs... but only I can tell. I've now had 3 unsuccessful attempts to photograph my son modelling. 487 photos later I am still at a loss!

And daughter-o? Don't get me started. Seriously, how hard can it be to wear a pretty dress and a gorgeous headband and smile for the camera? Quite difficult, apparently.

Wanted. One baby boy and a baby girl to model bm3 designs. My own kids are officially sacked!



  1. Take my kids... they are not as cute as yours... but i'm sure they'll do ;)

    Loving the new layout!

  2. I might be a wee bit biased but my darling Allegra is a mini supermodel and honestly LOVES the camera! I am obsessed with taking photos of her so now you have me worried that she'll end up with ants in her pants like Elliott :P Loving the new layout also Nicole... the only thing I am missing is seeing your smiling face at the top of your page! x

  3. Our 7 year old niece does EXACTLY the same thing Fern does - and has done since she was about 4. It's either crazy/funny/scary face or sombre/no smile look. Getting a great shot of her is a 1/100 chance :) Her 5 year old sister on the other hand . .. well, she just loves any chance to pose and look cute.

    Elliot and Fern look cute regardless - even the bum pics! :)

  4. are Designer, Creator and Stylist...hard to find good help when you need it..but you gotta agree..they are BOTH so ubber ubber cute ; ) New creations looks awesome honey..if only I had a sleepy burpy bubs to dress them in...might need to think about bubs No 2 soon? or not?

    My etsy store is going live soon...would love for you to visit ; ) xxxx


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