Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cushions... a skirt... and a little girl's dress!

Remember this post where I showed you my birthday gift of a handmade skirt and set of matching cushions using some gorgeous Kokka fabric? The inside of my reversible skirt is the same vibrant purple polka dots as the waistband.

Here's a reminder:

the skirt

the cushions

Well, Lesley my MIL thought... why not add a little matching dress for Fern to the mix?!

Well, why not indeed? I really love the little ruffled crossover at the back -- might have to steal that idea for bm3! I wonder if there is enough material left to make a little pair of shorts for Elliott?!!?


  1. Now that is just too cute - and matchy matchy.
    Love it.

  2. I love this little dress.. So cute.. I have been on the hunt for more dress patterns to make my new partners daughter.. The daggy clothes she comes to my house in drives me crazy!! haha

  3. Oh Nicole, that dress is adorable... the ruffled cross over is definitely the highlight of that design, it looks gorgeous on your little lady :o)
    And that location is divine too... all that green grass, WOW! xo


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