Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Handmade Gift Idea for <$5

The night before I sent Fern off to preschool for the last time this year (she goes once a week) I had a mild panic attack. My best intentions to gift her wonderful, caring teachers with something thoughtful were looking a little bleak. What to do? I couldn't send her with nothing,  just couldn't!

But never fear. My never-fail, so quick its almost criminal recipe for 'nanna cookies', pilfered from last year's "Afternoon Tea" recipe book by Frankie magazine saved the day... and with a little creativity, some bits from my craft-box and a $4 glass jar from Coles, I came up with this:

So easy! 

Bake cookies. 
Find a bit of leftover wrapping paper and cut to wrap around glass jar. Fix with sticky-tape.
Wrap a paper doily around top of jar and affix with ribbon, string or (in my case) piping cord. Slip a candy cane and gift-tag (a Dulux sample-card) to the top and give away with pride!

Fern's teachers seemed well-pleased. Perhaps they were being polite. No matter!

What did YOU gift the kid's teachers this year? Do you gift them anything at all - or am I being the world's sulkiest parent in doing so?! 


  1. Such a thoughtful, simple gift

  2. V cute Nicole! Am always so impressed at what other mums come up with for their kids teachers. I am a wrap-a few-lidnt-balls in cellophane kind of mum. Maybe next year I'll get a bit more creative!

  3. Recipe please!!!!!!!

    I always give teachers a small Christmas decoration, something to remember my girl by each year.


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