Monday, February 27, 2012

Am I a Top 25 Creative Mom?

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Late last week, I received an email letting me know I'd been nominated for the annual "top 25 Creative Mom" blog award from Circle of Moms. No idea who put me forward or why, but it was very unexpected and a little exciting! If you are not familiar with Circle of Moms, its a great resource for new mums - with practical advice, tips, forums and all manner of other fun bits and pieces to help make your first days and months as a new mother a bit more bearable!

To be nominated in this list is a lovely compliment... but to be one of the top 25 I need your votes! If you love Bubby Makes Three and would like to see my blog in the top 25, simply vote for me by clicking on the button on the top right of my blog and then the button next to my logo once you are on the page.

In return, I will send e-kisses your way... and vote for YOUR blog if you are also nominated! (just share your link in the comments below)

Even if you don't want to vote, I recommend clicking into the list for a looksy anyway -- lots of creative fodder to add to your favourites bar and some great, creative blogs you may not have discovered yet!

Thanks gals, and have a lovely week xx

ps. Thanks for your sweet comments about liking the pics of moi from my recent holiday, I realised I don't share too many images of my good self on my blog... at 35 I am not feeling like an oil painting these days, and am normally too vain to show my wrinkles to the wide world! You have shown me I need to just get over myself. So thank you! x


  1. You bet you are! I'll vote for sure. x

  2. You get my vote Nicole. You're a wonderful inspiration, create beautiful pieces and totally deserve the honour xo

  3. Of course u got a vote off me!!!


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