Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happiness Is...

Happiness is... a slice of chocolate cake.

...its the simple things, folks. Im so glad I have my little Elliott to remind me of this. 
What is making YOU happy today?


  1. I'm with him - chocolate cake! Oh and airconditioning! He's gorgeous x

  2. just came across your blog and what adorable photos!!

  3. That is seriously adorable! ...and now im feeling like a piece of chocolate cake x

  4. Oh - too cute.
    That cake would make me pretty happy too.
    :-) x

  5. Oh Elliott is just gorgeous, such beautiful smiley eyes. It is pretty nice to watch the wee ones get stuck into their food. I took my 19 month olds top off tonight and let him go for it, eating his bolognese. Too sweet! xo

  6. It's only 8am .. so why do I feel like a huge slab of my mum's homemade chocolate cake? :) Love the photos - it is the simple things!


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