Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gorgeous Easter Finds of the Non Chocolate Variety!

So, if you are a freak healthy mummy trying to set a good example or just plain tired of the Easter Egg cliche; or you are sick of those hideous stuffed toys from the supermarkets that you want to dispose of as soon as Easter is over... here are a few alternate, affordable and non edible goodies for your kiddies that might just tickle your fancy!

from Sparklepower US$17

from CandyAppleCutie US$10

from TheLightgarden US$24

from RandomCraftiness US$36

from ClaireandJanae US$9.99

from Kooandpoppit US$36

Aren't each of these items melt-in-your-mouth cute? ... of course, Fern will be getting none of them because I am smugly making my own Easter Eggs and they will be amazingly fabulous. Unless they are not, in which I will take one of those Rabbit softies from Sparklepower, please!!! hmm perhaps I should order one, just in case...


  1. Oh these are just gorgeous..some fab suggestions..thanks for sharing cookie! How is the Easter egg making going? ; )

  2. Love the rabbit softies too!
    I bought the cutest little knitted rabbit from Seed the other day which is wrapped up ready for Will's easter present. I might let him have a little bite of chocolate on the day but I don't want him to turn into a chocolate eating machine like his mummy :)
    Can't wait to see how your eggs turn out - no pressure though. :)
    Janette xx

  3. What a great collection of ideas. I love the polka dot leg warmers :)

  4. OMG... Everything is so adorable!! The leggings and the white knit outfit are my favs!

  5. I just found your blog and my little shop was on it- thanks so much!


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