Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Making my own Cot Linen!

Remember this post, where I was debating whether to make my own cot linen? Well, I casually mentioned the idea to my fabby MIL and she totally embraced the idea! So... yesterday we visited some fabric stores in Sydney to get some inspiration.

Of course, its near on impossible to leave those stores without purchases in hand... and of course we ended up buying everything we need to make the bedding; despite the fact that none of it is what I had originally had in mind!

You might remember, I was going to go with a yellow geometric theme. The wall behind the cot is stripey, and I really wanted the colour in front to 'pop'! But I couldn't find any yellow fabrics like that and my persuasive MIL convinced me to go completely different, and a whole lot more colourful than I had otherwise intended!!

So, here's a sneaky at what will become the cot-skirt for my new baby:
The large, bold piece of fabric will make up the bulk of the 'skirt', with the green polka dot fabric and yellow rickrack forming a feature across the bottom.

And the cot quilt? The fabrics look a little something like this:

Pretty colourful stuff, hmm? I'm just going to use plain white sheets and it seems a shame not to make a couple of matching softies to go with?!

A feel a sewing bee coming on....


  1. That fabric is gorgeous - Lucky baby! I went into Lincraft at lunch-time today to try and pick up a couple of patterns but left frustrated and empty-handed after deciding another 20 minute wait to be served wasn't going to fit into my lunch break (the queues, oh the queues...)

  2. Beautiful bright fabric Nicole! Will look great when it's all sewn up - can't wait to see it complete! White sheets will be perfect with it x

  3. ohhh how exciting beautiful fabric too
    im also making at least a cot quilt for my little man only coz ive kinda gone on the crazy owl theme and i cant find anything owl that dosent cost the earth so off to spotlight i headed and found just what i needed
    have fun cant wait to see the finished product

  4. Yup...I love it! Your MIL is a great inspiration for you to take a chance on something that you perhaps may not have initial invisaged.
    I ADORE the choices of fabrics you ended up with and I think its going to look just ACE :) x


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