Monday, June 14, 2010

'Owl' Inspired Birthday Party

Have you noticed that there always seems to be some kind of animal on-trend in the fashion/ decorating world? Remember when everybody was getting tattoos of dolphins on their ankles? Then it was birdies and bird cages everywhere and now? It is the humble owl.

Owls, it would seem, are still totally on-trend... everywhere I turn, an owl monogram has been sewn onto a singlet, or as a mobile dangling over a crib, or as a cushion or a ceramic figurine and so on and so on.

Fern - clearly a natural fashionista - is completely fascinated by them.

Have you ever seen 'Giggle and Hoot' - a childrens' program featured weekday afternoons on ABC2? It features a man (Jimmy Giggle) and his owl (Hoot) and has become a part of our nightly ritual of getting ready for bed. Sadly, when I tuck her in of a night if I say "see you in the morrrning!" she'll reply "hoot hoot!" (if you've seen the program, you'll know what I mean).

... but the real inspiration for this post is my discovery of this gorgeous owl-inspired birthday party. I love everything about it -- the colours, the flowers, the pinata, the decorations... what little girl would not adore this romantic and whimsical party? Unfortunately, I accidently deleted the link to the blog I sourced it from - oops - so if it's yours, please let me know so I can give you the well deserved credit!

Enjoy this bit of eye candy, and have a great Monday!

What do you think??

ps. Wouldn't my personalised little owl onesies look super-sweet for a first birthday party like the onea above? A great option for YOUR owl birthday theme! Available in both girls and boys, with gorgeous layered fabrics, felt, mismatched buttons, embroidering and ribbon! Available in my shop NOW!


  1. That is SO cute Fern says 'hoot hoot' back to you - made me laugh as Grace LOVES 'Giggle and Hoot' and has become part of our evening wind down too (although I always turn off 'In The Night Garden' while she's having tea as I am not a fan of that one and then she catches the last few minutes of it before the goodnight song at the end. Did you know it's also on ABC in the mornings too - don't worry I'm not a couch potato and Grace's TV watching is VERY limited :) I've been searching on Etsy for an owl similar looking to Hoot but might give making one a go if I don't find anything similar. That owl party is really cute - I love the cake and how cool is that pinata? Such pretty soft colours for a girl's birthday party too. Have a great week luv x P.S How's the nursery linen going?

  2. Will loves Giggle and Hoot too!!! My Dad works on Giggle and Hoot (he's Audio Director at ABC) and so I would love to take Will in to see Jimmy Giggle and Hoot one day, maybe when he's a bit older and less of a crazy baby :)

    I love those owl pics you've found. They're fantastic. The pinata is awesome!!!

  3. That is gorgeous party, such beautiful colours too! Owls definitely are quite prominent in decor etc these days. I know I've seen that party before but can't remember where, I don't have it saved...I love the Poms!

  4. Loving the theme (I'm totally owl crazy) and the colours are just lovely.. kids parties have come a long way since I was a little girl...

  5. Love Owls! We had H's party on the weekend & it featured owls (will be on the blog tommorow)

  6. I am always blown away by the beautiful parties people plan for their kiddies. I have Izzy's 2nd birthday coming up so need all the inspiration I can find.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words. I will be crossing my fingers and toes that you get the birth you want this time too. When are you due?

  7. Hi I was researching Giggle and Hoot myself and found this site, lovely by the way. Did you know there is an Australian online Party supply shop that sells an Owl theme is pink and blue, really similar to our Hoot on the ABC.
    Our site is

    Feel free to drop by and take a look :)

  8. I love the cake with the owl on top.



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