Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sugar, Spice and All Things Nice...

Lately, I've been dreaming about the transition between Fern's nursery to her first real bedroom. When I was initially designing her nursery (featured here), I felt sad that one day she would eventually grow out of it... but now 17 months on, I'm kind of looking forward to it! Imagine no change table... no nappies... no stinky bins... bring it!

Today, I stumbled upon a gorgeous Brazilian blog called Casamenteiras. Unfortunately, the site is not written in English but I found more than enough eye candy to keep me entertained! And amongst the offerings was this gorgeous little-girl bedroom which I would like to pick up and drop straight into Fern's room. Because this room is everything I dream of for my own little girl. And it's given me muchos inspirationos!

Check it out:

I'm really into the fruit-tingle pink/ yellow/ tangerine colour palette at the moment (just look at yesterday's party post!) and that gorgeous mix of modern and vintage has my mouth simply watering! And isn't that candy coloured stripe around the bottom of the room simply adorable? This one is definitely going into my inspiration file...

... meanwhile I feel a bit guilty for the extreme girly emphasis on this blog (I'll work on it, I promise!) so here's a v cute boy's room from the same site that might just keep me out of trouble for now:



  1. Gorgeous, I love both of those bedrooms. I too am planning (and day dreaming) about the transition from nursery to 'big girls room' with a bed! I am just so scared to start because I want it to be perfect. There is so much inspiration on the net... Its hard to know where to start.

    I think I will take your lead and start an inspiration file :o)

  2. I have that first image in my 'kids room' inspiration folder too but hadn't seen the others. It's a such a beautiful room, I'd love something like that for Grace when she gets bigger. That boy's room is awesome too. I think I definitely have to check out this new eye candy blog you've discovered! Hope all is going well with you and bub x

  3. Hi, I just found your blog by chance and I'm happy I have. All a mother likes to read.
    I have included the girly room in one of my posts as well - I adore it. I have a boy and wish for a girl one day.
    TC, Anna

  4. Thanks for your message Nicole. I do feel relieved that I finally 'broke it off' with the ob... It feels like I have made the right decision but its always hard to go with your gut (and trust that it will work out!)

    I am due about 3 mths after you, in early December (the 6th I think). We havent had our 20 week scan as yet but I am pretty sure I want to find out this time - we didnt with Izzy but this time I just feel like I should! We dont want to tell anyone else though - which will be so hard!

    How are you feeling in the last trimester? Hope you are getting lots of rest x


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