Monday, May 9, 2011

This week.

Happy Mothers Day to you -- I hope you had a lovely day, whatever you did! I got to lay in while hot buttermilk pancakes with a berry compote and a steaming coffee were prepared and brought in to me on a tray. Divine... we then had a long and leisurely lunch with family, so essentially I just ate the entire day! Luckily, everything is fat-free on Mothers Day. ;)

My parents-in-law are away in the Blue Mountains this week, and I've managed to convince them that they need house sitters, so I'll be spending a couple of days up on their beautiful property. I could really use the break, and I think the kids could too. There's horses, sheep and goats; a dam; garden walks; and best of all -- peace. And quiet. I'm taking my new sewing machine (have I told you yet? I scored a new machine for Mothers Day!) which I've had for over a week and am yet to use. I've got lot's of projects on the go and I'm sure I can convince Fern to do a little painting with me while I get my fabric on! But I'm going to force myself to do nothing too. To just sit and enjoy the sunshine without obsessing about washing floors and folding clothes and cleaning bedrooms. I don't 'do nothing' well. I'm going to give it my best shot!

What are you up to this week?


  1. sounds like fun, I love a good country getaway

  2. Sounds like a lovely Mother's Day and a wonderful, restful upcoming break you have planned x

  3. Enjoy Nicole! And what a score re: the sewing machine! I'd love my own one day although I'm not as clever as you and don't have a freakn clue how to use one. For the time being I'll get my fabric freak on by admiring your masterpieces! x


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