Monday, July 18, 2011

Button "Love"

I adore buttons... I've been working on growing my collection this year, spending hours sitting on the floors of thrift shops scouring through jars of buttons looking for unique colours, shapes, sizes... you can never have too many, methinks! They come in handy for all kinds of projects and I use buttons in many of my designs. I'm also no stranger to using buttons for creating artwork:

I often use a little button to adorn a garment or use as an 'eye' feature or whatnot. But for a while I've wanted to go one step further and create something for a baby exclusively using buttons... and one afternoon last week, I came up with this:
From my  Bubby Makes Three Etsy store

I handsewed each button carefully onto this soft cotton onesie and then embroidered the outline with some floss. I really like how it turned out and aside from it looking really sweet on a little baby, I thought it would also look gorgeous hanging on a vintage hanger in the nursery... I loved (and still love!) displaying clothes in Fern's nursery as artworks.

Do you like it?

ps. I have a special new series coming to my blog this week... if you like birthday parties, this one is for you!! Stay tuned!

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