Wednesday, August 17, 2011

CHALKCLOTH - Licence to Draw on Your Own Kids!

If your kids are like mine and are like bees to a honeypot where crayons, textas, paint, pencils and CHALK are concerned... you might like my new bm3 clothing concept! My darling daughter Fern takes any opportunity to draw all over walls, furniture, appliances, herself... generally when Im in the shower and have mistakenly left a drawing stick of some description lying about...

... but now you can seek your own revenge for those hours spent scrubbing pen off the lounge by drawing all over your children with chalk!!

I didn't find the shopping all that amazing when I was over in NZ...  but I did manage to squeeze this amazing chalkcloth into my suitcase! I couldnt resist! Chalkcloth is an amazing product that works just like a chalkboard -- you just draw on it with chalk and then wipe it off with a cloth!

I've designed a girl's and boy's onesie to start with so you can pronounce the birth of your baby; it's age (what an easy alternative for the "monthly sticker" idea!); a favourite poem, a quote, a drawing...... really, the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination! The shape can be adapted to anything you like: a letter,a number; a silhouette...

I can also adapt this idea to a boy or girl singlet or tee -- if you are interested and I havn't listed it yet, just ask me!

Each outfit comes with "giftwrapped" piece of chalk (so you can get started straight away), and I'll giftwrap the whole outfit for you if you ask me nicely!

Here it is -- there's nothing like this out there; I've checked! Get your original chalkcloth outfit from Bubby Makes Three -- and if you order this week, I'll even give you a 10% discount: enter CHALKPROMO1 until midnight Sunday 22 August in my store to redeem!

Here 'tis -- would love to know what you think:


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