Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My "Mini-Bunting" Nursery Artwork

Howdy, beautiful people! I'm baaaaack from NZ! It was great to get away and recharge the batteries... but there is no place like home, is there? Tomorrow Ill post some more pics from our trip (the blog version of boring everybody with a holiday slideshow - but who can resist!) but today I wanted to share with you a little artwork I made while the kids were asleep this afternoon. It's for a friend's brand-new baby girl and I was playing around with the mini-bunting idea I touched on the other day.

I made the screen with some soft pale pink velvety fabric, then cut out some little triangles with pinking shears and sewed them together in a string. I then stamped the new baby's name onto the fabric with some green ink and added some torn fabric pieces and buttons. I picture it hanging on the door of the nursery, but it would look equally sweet propped up on a shelf or hung on the wall above the crib? Here 'tis:

What do you think?


  1. What a gorgeous gift. And a lucky recipient.

  2. hope you glad a great time in NZ how pretty does that look ..well done lovely xx

  3. I love it. I've been looking at some simular things this weeks. think i have just found some inspiration to have a go myslef!

  4. Very sweet! Will look gorgeous in the new bub's wee space.

  5. I love it! Perfect for a new baby girl's room :)

  6. Wow, that is so cute and very pretty. Any little girl would love that!

    Best wishes,


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