Monday, November 29, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness Pt2

Ever since having Elliott, I've been having a few issues getting my -- well -- shit together. It's been 13 weeks (I think - lately others have to remind me how old my son is, most of the time I have no idea) and surely it should be getting better by now. But if anything, its getting worse!

I'm finding getting about, getting stuff done and just generally getting myself into a state fit for public consumption somewhat of a challenge these days. Most of the time, I feel so overwhelmed with how much there is to do that it is myself that gives. I discover Fern's fairy hairclips in my own hair hours after I placed them there for 2 minutes; I get to my destination half an hour from home and discover I'm still wearing my slippers; I haven't had my eyebrows waxed for two years, for heaven's sake! And don't even get me started on the state of my nails...

Conducting business with a flappy open maternity bra is almost forgivable 6 weeks postpartum, but yesterday as I attempted to self-check-out my goods at Big W while my two children wailed at me (for Sushi and milk, respectively) a stranger sidled up to me and whispered "I don't know if you are aware... but your zipper is undone"...

Of course I was aware.

Everyone leaves the side zipper (that runs from hip to armpit) up the side of their black dress wide open as a 'F-you' to fashion..... don't they?

It was kind of her to point out my little misdemeanor though. Let's not even go there on how many Xmas shoppers noticed my bare flesh and SAID. NOTHING. But the point is, it made me think about all the other random acts of kindness that have been bestowed upon me of late. A couple of examples:

- At Bilo, a cashier unloaded my trolley of groceries onto the conveyer for me, then bagged and reloaded it before walking me out to my car to pack it all inside; 
- At Bunnings, a lady intercepted my distress in trying to hoist my hissy-fitting toddler into the trolley with Elliott strapped to my chest and scooped her up for me. She strapped Fern into the trolley with a firm look and Fern was shocked into immediate submission. The lady remembered what it's like, she said.
Image sourced here.

These random little acts of kindnesses have been happening pretty regularly and make me want to weep with gratitude. They make me want to be a better person myself; remember birthdays and help old ladies across the pedestrian crossing and whatnot. And I will, I promise... just let me get through the next few months!

To the lady who surprised me with amazing customer service at Bilo and the lady who saved me at Bunnings... thankyou.

Have you been blessed with any random acts of kindness of late? Or have you helped somebody else sending out a silent distress flare? Do share! x


  1. Dont be too hard on yourself, it is still early days! There will be always kind people out there willing to help. xx

  2. *pets*

    Sometimes we just need a good pet on the head and a nice cuddle. Especially when we're walking around town looking a little crazy sauce with zippers undone. hah!

    Sweet of those strangers. And one day your babies will realize how many "random acts of kindness" you did for them. <3 Until then, things are gonna kinda suck.

    ;) What? I tell it like it is!

  3. I love that the lady at Bunnings did that...most people just stop and give you a blank/dirty look.

    My neighbours are constantly dishing out random acts of kindness, they often haul Izzy over the fence to play with their kid at dinner prep time to give me some space.

    I must confess, the beginning of your post has scared me... maybe I should keep this baby cooking for a little longer, after all!! x

  4. Loving your random acts post. I can never help but tell people when their buttons are undone, always quietly in their ear so as not to embarass them though!

  5. I know what you mean about feeling a bit out of control. I have found it necessary to let a few things go- breastfeeding alone takes up so much time. And this morning I walked around in a tired daze half heartedly doing some cleaning up until I gave up and watched a Barbie movie with Jemima. (for about 10 minutes and then I felt guilty and got up again and started wandering around the house again!)

    So long as everyone is happy, fed, and clean... the rest is a bonus!


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