Monday, January 24, 2011

Rockin a Bit of Style.... Apparently!

Thankyou to the gorgeous and undoubtedly stylish Simone at Honey and Fizz who bestowed upon me a "Stylish Blogger" award... hmmm. I'm not rockin much style sitting here in my jammies at the mo, but seeing as you can't see me, I'll gratefully accept the award and play along!

This award stipulates I must thank my bestower (done) link back to them (done), share 7 things about myself (to follow), and forward the award on to 10 other worthy recipients.

Here I go. 7 random insightful bits of frippery about me: 

1. My greatest accomplishment to date (aside from my two children!) is riding a bicycle the 1000-odd kilometres from Sydney to Melbourne. I did it with 3 others (all men!) about 8 years ago, raising money for our local PCYC. Our journey covered around 1000km and we did it completely unsupported, carting our belongings and little tents on panniers on the back of our bikes. Though it was physically the hardest thing I've ever done, it was also the most empowering and made me feel I could accomplish anything. If you ever get such a chance to do something you don't think you can do -- do it.

Dan, me with scarily orange hair, our dog Jonah (he's still going strong!), bloke from PCYC and Crawford
2. I have dreadful arachnophobia. You won't see an image to illustrate this point. I can't look at an image of a spider without feeling sick. And I hope my husband doesn't read this, because he might be cranky to learn that I unabashedly chucked a little animal picture book he'd bought Fern in the bin when he wasn't looking... because it contained an image of a hairy brown spider. Shudder...

3. When I was little, I wanted to be a gymnastics commentator. I recorded all the gymnastics on TV and memorised all the moves and names of gymnasts. But after I never quite got around to taking up gymnastics myself, I changed my mind and decided to be an astronomer. Clearly, that never quite panned out either...

4. I'm left handed. And yes, there is always a little smudgy bit underneath my hand from when I write. And no, I can't use scissors.

5. At university, I made a one-minute silent film animation of the Kennedy assassination using...... lego. It took me days to build the set. It was pretty elaborate. And afterward, a guy I met who worked at a production company put sound to it. I wish I had it on digital so I could share; its priceless -- even if I do say so myself.

6. My favourite flowers are orchids... Each year when they are in flower my friend Kellie and I buy one from the local show to add to our collection. Technically I should have lots of orchids in my garden now. But the truth is, I've killed all but 2. I have one green and one yellow Cymbidium left. Hopefully they will flower this year and I'll post my evidence....

7. I proudly own (and refuse to be parted with) a pair of original 1992 U2 Bono Fly sunglasses.  I never ripped off the tag. Apparently there are now worth a mint. That's good, because I haven't gotten around to saving any superannuation...

And now. I'd like to forward this award to all the lovely, stylish ladies who took the time to give me words of encouragement, support and advice last week, when I bravely announced my impending little business! That to me, is the essence of style. Thankyou:

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  1. Wow, so great to learn more about you Nicole! Who says you can't be stylish in your pj's! What an achievement with your bike ride :) Hmmm a gymnastics commentator or an astronomer? Such different ends of the spectrum! xx

  2. Congrats on award and very well deserved!! Fun getting to know more about you.

  3. Is it sad that there are things there that I didn't know about you...and your my big sister!! 31 years (in April) and I'm still learning about you.

    Just another reason why I adore your blog with reckless abandon :-)

  4. I love reading these lists and learning more about my blogging friends. You have such interesting points - I always strugggle to think of anything to write about myself. What a huge accomplishment with your cycling! Thanks so much for thinking of me when passing on this award x

  5. Oh, Nicole, you're a sweetheart - thanks! And bravo you - so well deserved. I am *so* impressed by #1. And I adore #6. Thanks for sharing these secrets with us! J x

  6. Naaaw shucks...thanks Shhhhweetheart!
    LOVED your list of 7 things...your a little champion you are...golly to try and think of 7 vaguely interesting things about myself? yikes!
    Thank you for the lovely award...feel very honoured xo

  7. Thank you my lovely. xx I love your list! That picture of the gym baby is priceless!


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