Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Little Girls in Big Beds!

It seems like only yesterday I was scouring the baby stores in search of the perfect cot for little Fern (sigh)... when I was about 6 months pregnant we settled on a lovely white wooden number, and Dan insisted on building it that very day, despite the fact that I was still painting the nursery and there was wet paint and drop-sheets everywhere! He might have been a tiny bit excited, I think:

Anyway. I remember the day we brought Fern home and placed her inside her new cot. She looked so TINY and it seemed to swallow her up...

But the damdest thing about babies is that they grow, and before I knew it I was raising sides and lowering mattresses and then suddenly little Elliott was on his way and it was time. 

But before I could work myself into a slather about finding the perfect little girl's bed... it found me.

And once again, it was Lesley my magical-mother-in-law who came through with the goods. She was moving some furniture out to make a sewing room and would I like to use the antique-looking cream wrought-iron day bed for Fern? Um.... do you deliver??

And here it is. With a brand new mattress which we bought over the weekend and which makes the bed about 40ft off the floor! (not a problem, we've got a safety rail installed and besides, she prefers to yell out rather than attempt to climb out herself anyways!)

 What do you think? I just love it. In fact, I want it for myself! I bought that duvet cover over the weekend, it was on sale for - like - $60, can you believe? Unfortunately, I don't have a long shot of the bed because underneath is a mattress and a whole heap of junk which I get around to cleaning up at some point. And my teeny tiny baby girl? She loves it too. In fact, last night she asked to go to bed. That says a lot. Plus, she thinks it's her new 'jumpy jumpy':

I'm happy Fern is happy. But a little bit sad that its the end of an era. Why can't they stay babies just a little bit longer? Still, I can't wait to curl up reading stories together; no doubt it will be a little comfier than it was in her cot!


  1. It looks so gorgeous Nicole! Love the quilt cover and all the colours.
    Also love the dress Fern is wearing, one of your creations ? xx

  2. looks gorgeous Nicole..that cover is divine and loving the name and butterflies on the wall xx

  3. Oh gosh that bed is bloody beautiful. Fern is one lucky little girl. And the cover is gorgeous and girly. Love it all

  4. So cute!! I was looking at one like this for Byron.. Still searching for the perfect one.. Luckily I have a little bit of time before Harper outgrows the cot and needs the toddler bed. :)

  5. Ahhh they do grow too quickly don't they! It looks beautiful Nicole and you've gotta love a bargain! S xo

  6. We just bought a mattress on Sunday! ANd now the hunt for a bed. She's ready but I'm not :( Want to keep them little forever. Fern's bed looks gorgeous! :) x

  7. That is such a beautiful day bed! My goodness Fern is a lucky girl adn that bed cover is gorgeous too. I wish it was my bed. Yes they grow up too quickly don't they (says the mother of an almost 2 year old, I sound like those Grannies who say it to you all the time at the shops don't I?!) :)
    Enjoy reading time in the new bed,

  8. LOVE it!!

    You know what's funny, I was only in Spotlight today buying some new pillows. I hate having my head high (even a little bit) and stumbled across a pillow called 'babies first pillow' It is super low and light and feels like your head is still on the matrass while...not. Love it! Funny that a human 28 years my junior is using the same thing!!

  9. It looks gorgeous! Nice score....

    Can you share the details of the doona cover? I have just painted a wrought iron bed for my daughter and that is the look I am aiming for as well!

  10. What a gorgeous bed! I have so many images saved in my inspiration folder of pretty iron bed frames - would love one for Grace. So glad Fern has made the transition so easily :)

  11. Hi Peta, the cover and pillow case were bought from Adairs, they're having a big sale and there is some really cute kids stuff for half price! I think the set I got is from the Adairs range and is normally $140, so sprint in!! x

  12. When I was a kid I would sleep with my bum in the air.



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