Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stories for Boys...

Now that I have a baby boy, I see it as my own personal challenge to find threads that are (a) comfortable, (b) stylish and (c) affordable. Oh, and for Elliott in particular, I add (d) durable! It's not always easy. Those of you with boys will know!

That's why I'm designing some special little pieces especially for our special little men-in-the-making... first off, some little 'lounge suits' for babies 6-12 months. At six months, when boys begin crawling, you need a pair of pants so little knees don't get knocked about! These pants are super comfy, super cute and each features a special little 'extra' detailing to make them unique. I've also made them extra long so they can be rolled up to start with and let down as your baby starts growing longer 'pins'! Of course, a pair of pants is hardly an 'outfit', so I've also designed a matching onesie that can be worn alone or with the pants... bottom snappers ensuring the top stays inside the pants while your baby is getting about!

Each 'set' comprises of a pair of pants and onesie - onesie length is short sleeves and you can pick the size to fit YOUR baby. Just $27 per set!

1. 'Cars n Trucks'
A gorgeously vibrant orange print with little cars, fire engines and street signs! The pants feature a lime green zigzag edging along the bottom, and the top has three little appliques to match the fabric of the pants. I made this print for Elliott, and he wears his everywhere!

2. 'Scottish Dawg'
Who can resist this sweet tartan print, with little faux pocket with button on the back of these pants, and 'scottish dog' applique on the onesie with blue ribbon 'collar'?

3. 'Ocean Creatures' 
This little lounge set features an adorable 'creatures of the ocean' print with feux pocket and creature 'keycharm' stitched onto rick rack on the back of the pants. The onesie features a little whale applique with three buttons as 'bubbles'. 

Hope you like! I have some very sweet little 'cheeky monkey' onesies on their way to my shop too --visit my little shop to take a look! 

Have a great weekend.... x


  1. I LOVE the scottie dog ones, so cute!!! And Elliott is such a good little model! Hope you're having a great weekend.

  2. Oh, your outfits for Elliott are just SOOOO cute! I love that you haven't found it, so you've just made it yourself. Now that is something that I really respect (and admire). Well done. My favourites are the trucks and car ones. What boy doesn't like cars and trucks?

    Grogeous! xx

  3. they are so gogeous hun your doing such a fabulous job and your model is such a cutie ;) xx

  4. Oh I LOVE the Scottish one! and that fish onsie is adorable, so creative with the button bubbles :-)

    Great job Nicole!!

    xx Lou


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